Waterlemon Cay, St john island snorkeling information

Waterlemon Cay
St John’s #1 snorkeling destination!

Here’s what to expect and what to look for so that you can get the most out of your snorkeling adventure.

caution travel infoA Word of Caution

But before you slip on those fins we’ve got a word of caution for you. Waterlemon Cay can be subject to strong currents on the far side of the cay. The strength of the currents depends on tides, wind, moon phase and time of the year. The current can be very dangerous – so never snorkel alone. Buddy up for safety! And if you do find yourself caught in a current – DO NOT swim against the current. Swim at an angle to the current and towards the shore.

What to Expect

Angelfish at Waterlemon Cay on St John, USVI

The area is rich in marine life. With over 40 species of corals and hundreds of species of fish and invertebrates – there’s plenty to see. But here are a few pointers to increase your odds of seeing specific things.

The seagrass beds of Waterlemon Bay are the best spot to see turtles, rays and conch.

As the seagrasses give way to sandy areas on the south side of the cay you’ll sometimes find large Cushion Starfish. They come in a variety of colors from yellow to orange. And on the eat, west and north sides of the Cay you’ll find an undersea world rich in corals, fish and marine life!


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