Leinster Bay Trail to Waterlemon Cay map

Waterlemon Cay is St John’s #1 snorkeling destination. Here are some maps and resources to help you get to Waterlemon Cay to see and enjoy all that this area has to offer.


Your journey begins at the parking area across from Mary Creek – and just below the Annaberg Plantation ruins. There is no fee for parking – and spots do fill up depending on the time of day and time of year. There is also overflow parking along the street. Just be aware that you cannot block the narrow road! So park as far off the road as possible – and respect all parking signage ; )

Leinster Bay Trail
This approx 1 mi walk / hike takes you along the shoreline of Mary Creek, Leinster Bay and Waterlemon Bay. The terrain is relatively flat and not nearly as challenging as some of St John’s other popular trails. Along the way you’ll see Tortola to your north ( left). The path is narrow; but well maintained.

When you reach Waterlemon Bay and the small beach that marks the bay, the trail will split. You’ll bear to the left along the shoreline. The trail to the right continues up the hill to the Old Danish Guardhouse Ruins and the Windy Hill ruins that are just off the Johnny Horn Trail.

Snorkeling from the sandy Beach
Many people like to snorkel out from the beach. Doing so provides the chance to glide over the extensive seagrass beds that blank the bay. This is a great spot to see Queen Conch, giant Cushion Starfish, sea turtles, rays and fish. The downside is it adds a good distance to the swim required to get to Waterlemon Cay.

360Ā° VR | Waterlemon Cay

Snorkeling from the cobblestone Shoreline
Located adjacent to the sandy end of Waterlemon Cay is a great spot to start the snorkel. The cobblestone and coral shoreline isn’t the easiest entry. But, the distance to Waterlemon Cay is much shorter than entering from the sandy beach.

Getting there …